Heavy Duty Rope Pull Safety Switches

Featured Product from Altech Corp.

Whether on the conveyor belt or on the machine – when maximum safety is required, the Altech line of ope pull switches provide a proven and reliable technical solution. The rope pull switches can be deployed flexibly, are easy to install and convenient to handle. And most importantly: they offer maximum safety when it is needed.

  • Rope status display allows fast and correct setting and inspection
  • Integrated emergency stop impact button (optional for SR)
  • Easy to use with a double function palm button (emergency stop and pull release)
  • Economical installation due to the Quick-Fix clamping head
  • A cover over the mechanical parts ensures the switches are tamper-proof
  • Connection area and mechanical components are separate for extra safety
  • Flexible application due to different lengths
  • Manufactured in accordance with standards
    • DIN EN 60947-5-1
    • DIN EN 60947-5-5
    • DIN EN ISO 13850
  • BG and cCSAus approval

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