SLC Solenoid Locking Keyed Interlock Switches

Featured Product from Altech Corp.

SLC Solenoid Locking Keyed Interlock Switch


  • Lightweight yet robust: Hybrid of metal & plastic
  • Flexible contact assembly
  • Integrated manual release
  • Symmetrical design
  • Five actuating positions
  • Rotatable head (4×90°)
  • Fail-safe guard locking system
  • Optional emergency exit
  • Optional emergency release
  • M12 connector as an option

With Many Activation Key Options

Durable & Cost Effective
Metal switch head provides durability while the plastic switch body reduces cost

Manual release (standard)
Possibility of manually unlocking the switch if power is lost

Emergency release (optional)
As a ready-to-use switch or as an accessory, mounted on the front of the SLC, enables immediate opening from outside the dangerous area.

Guard locking principles
Guard locked by spring force. To unlock, the solenoid needs to be energized.

Guard locked by energized solenoid. To unlock, the energy needs to be switched off.

Emergency exit Optionally mounted on the rear of the SLC, the emergency exit enables immediate opening from within the dangerous area.

Optional Slide Bolt

  • Ergonomic handle to open the door
  • Prevents damage from misaligned door
  • Avoids using the switch head as an end stop
  • Guarantees optimum actuator insertion