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Solenoid Locking Safety Switches

Featured Product from Altech Corp.

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Bernstein Solenoid locking safety switches from Altech are specifically designed to provide monitoring and security for hard-guarding gates, panels, and doors.

The SLC Series offers a lightweight yet robust solution with a hybrid construction of metal and plastic. It features a flexible contact assembly, integrated manual release, symmetrical design, five actuating positions, and a rotatable head (4 × 90°). The fail-safe guard locking system ensures safety, and there are optional emergency and rear escape releases available. M12 connection is also an option.

The SLK Series provides complete flexibility with a rotary actuating head (4x 90°) and horizontal and vertical actuation. It has a compact design with a short overall size of only 170 mm. The innovative installation includes spring-loaded terminals, and the interlock facility is integrated into the switch enclosure. The locking principle combines spring force (closed-circuit current) and magnetic force (working current), providing an anti-tamper facility with triple coding.