Wide Input Voltage Battery Charger

Featured Product from Altech Corp.

The CB type battery chargers are designed and manufactured with a wide input voltage, single or two phase 115-230-277 VAC.

The CB series is a new range of battery chargers based on two strategic know-how elements.

Switching technology
We have 25 year experience in design of advanced stabilized switching technology power supplies. A battery charger based on this technology is much more efficient and much smaller and lighter than traditional linear technology battery chargers.

Micro-processor and Battery Care
Unlike most other state-of-the-art battery chargers, the CB series is equipped with a micro-processor which controls the charging process and enables several monitoring functions.

Maximum safety and protection
The CB series is designed to provide safe operation and long battery life. The following protections are standard features:

  • Output protected against short circuit and overload
  • High insulation between primary and secondary
  • Protection against deep battery discharge
  • Detection of batteries with wrong rated voltage
  • Protection against reverse polarity connection
  • Protection against the effect of parallel connection with other power sources, e.g. gensets.

All protections have automatic reset. No thermal fuse to be replaced.

One device for all battery types

Completely automatic, the battery chargers of the CB series are microprocessor controlled devices suited to charging most batteries types thank to factory pre-set and selectable charging curves.

The can charge open lead acid, sealed lead acid, Bel and Ni-Cd, Ni-MH batteries. It is possible to change or add other charging curves connecting the device to a portable PC.
Mutli-Stage charging Three charging modes

Automatic multi-stage operation and real time diagnostic allow fast recharge and recovery of deep discharged batteries, adding value and reliability to the system hosting the CB device. The type of charging it is Voltages stabilized and current stabilized IUoUo.
CB battery chargers feature three charging modes, identified by a flashing code on a LED.

  •  Boost (Boost-Bulk) (Blink 2/sec)
  •  Trickle (also known as float or maintenance charging) (Trickle - Float) (Blink 1/sec)
  •  Recovery (Recovery) (Blink 5/sec)

Recovery charging
Automatic multi-stage operation optimizes and adapt to battery status, even when the battery voltage is very low. CB can recharge batteries even when their voltage is close to zero. It allows recharge and complete recovery of flat batteries.

Setting of battery maximum charging current
The maximum battery charging current can be set from 20% to 100% of the device rated value. Not available on LC models.

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