BeMicro Software Development Kit

Product Announcement from Altera Corporation

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The BeMicro Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a complete FPGA evaluation system in the palm of your hands. The BeMicro SDK's easy-to-use evaluation platform lets you create, compile, run, and debug a software project in just minutes. This low-cost evaluation kit on a USB stick includes a complete lab to get you started designing a custom microprocessor system in an FPGA.

Whether you're new to software design or an experienced pro, see how easy embedded design on an FPGA can be when using software tools you already know.

  • Ready to run as soon as you plug it in to your PC
  • Immediately develop code on your FPGA platform
  • Complete software development suite (Altera Nios┬« II Embedded Design Suite) including Eclipse-based tools, operating system, and network stack
  • Suitable for virtually all embedded applications
  • Built-in demos and tutorials

Key Features:

  • Altera Cyclone┬« III FPGA-EP3C16F256C8N
  • Altera Nios II embedded processor
  • 16 MHz clock oscillator
  • Three status and eight user LEDs
  • 80-pin edge connector
  • TCP/IP stack
  • microSD card and Ethernet interfaces
  • Temperature sensors
  • USB powered
  • Mobile DDR memory interface

See the BeMicro SDK in action. Watch our video to understand the five key reasons why you should put your processor on an FPGA.

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