Introducing User-Customizable ARM-Based SoC FPGA

Product Announcement from Altera Corporation

Introducing User-Customizable ARM-Based SoC FPGA-Image

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Length: 15 minutes

Learn how to reduce system power, system cost, and board size while increasing performance and flexibility. Altera's ARM-based SoC FPGAs combine the performance benefits and power and cost savings of hard logic, with the flexibility and time-to-market benefits of programmable logic - all in a single device. Watch this webcast and learn about:

  • The architecture of Altera's Arria® V and Cyclone® V SoC FPGAs, each with an integrated dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9 MPCore™ processor
  • The low power features of the Arria V and Cyclone V SoC FPGAs that reduce system power consumption
  • The development flows and tools to help you begin your design today