Bar Magnets BAR24000H

Product Announcement from Amazing Magnets, LLC

Bar Magnets BAR24000H-Image
Diameter 1'' ± 0.005'' 
Length 24'' ± 0.005'' 
End Mounts Female 1/4x20 Threaded 
Magnetic Material Licensed NdFeB 
Magnet Grade
45M  View Details
13.2-13.8  KG
≥12.5  KOe
≥14.0  KOe
43-46  MGOe
100C / 212F  
Housing 304 Stainless 
Surface Gauss 10000 
Magnet Weight 4.980 lbs 

 Separate ferrous scrap and particles using these powerful Separator Bar Magnets. Each bar consists of a series of Rare-earth (neodymium-iron-boron) magnets, encased in 1" dia. 304 stainless steel tube. Each bar has a Female 1/4"x20 Threaded mount on both ends for easy mounting. This magnetic bar is very powerful and perfect for separating out fine particles such as metal shavings, filings, and residue from metal wear, as well as larger ferrous items like screws, nuts, and washers