Metal-to-Plastic Insertion with Induction Heating

Product Announcement from Ambrell Induction Heating Solutions

Summary: Induction offers fast, precise, repeatable heating, while avoiding  defects such as flashing and burning. 

Overview: Metal-to-plastic insertion involves heating a threaded metal insert to a temperature above the plastic reflow point and pressing it into the plastic part. The process requires fast, precise, repeatable heating. Softening of the internal threads is the result of long heating processes. Torches and ovens can present challenges when it comes to speed, capital investment and precision.

Luckily, induction heating has helped numerous manufacturers overcome these challenges. Induction heating is fast, precise, energy efficient and highly repeatable. Ambrell has installed over 10,000 systems in more than 50 countries, and has considerable experience with this application. So, Ambrell can help enhance your metal-to-plastic insertion process and offers.

Ambrell offers free parts testing. Just send in your parts and heating requirements and Ambrell will create a tailored systems recommendation. Click here for additional details.

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