Creating Induction Heating for Annealing

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Annealing is a process where heat is applied to a material to increase its malleability and make it more workable. Or simply put, a metal is typically heated to a specified temperature and cooled, which results in a softened material that is more easily formed. Induction is one heating method that is commonly used for annealing. 

Annealing with induction heating delivers several advantages over other heating methods such as flame including:

  • Induction is highly localized, which helps to ensure only the surface is heated
  • Induction delivers precise control
  • Induction doesn't require a great deal of space/footprint within a manufacturing facility

Induction annealing is used in a wide array of industries for a number of applications. Here is a sampling of applications:

  • Tubes/pipes (stainless steel, steel copper)
  • Bar and wire
  • Threads of hardened parts
  • Seam annealing
  • Full body annealing
  • Ammunition annealing (neck and body)

THE LAB at Ambrell has conduction numerous annealing application tests and dozens of application notes are available for your review. Some may be on an application just like yours. Complimentary application testing is also available from THE LAB.