Flexible EASYCOIL...for oddly shaped parts

Featured Product from Ambrell Induction Heating Solutions

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Large, oddly shaped parts and unique heating requirements can make using a traditional copper coil challenging. Luckily, that’s no longer a barrier thanks to Ambrell’s flexible EASYCOIL. It is perfect for slow heating and bulk heating applications such as preheating for welding, annealing, stress relief, die heating, heating for disassembly, hydrogen bakeout and much more.

Accessibility of the coil to the workpiece is a leading reason for using Ambrell’s EASYCOIL. It is easy to wind and can be used on large and smaller parts. While the coil is 25’ (7.6 m) in length, it can be wound around a smaller part and couple just as effectively.

For heating large parts, up to five EASYCOIL’s can be used in series. Steel can be heated up to 1500 ºF (816 ºC), and the power supply delivers full power. An EKOHEAT of up to 250 kW can be used within a frequency range of 5-45 kHz.

The EASYCOIL has a glass fiber sleeve. While this coil is most popular for lower temperature applications, it can be used for through-Curie heating. When the surface temperature of the part is above 800 ºF (427 ºC), ceramic insulation, which Ambrell can supply, should be used.

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