Induction Heating in Electric Vehicles and Motors

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Electric vehicles (EV) are steadily gaining in popularity. They offer significant environmental advantages. Hybrid vehicles generate significantly reduced emissions and electric vehicles produce none at all. A few years back it would have been hard to imagine the emergence of EVs at this speed. It is now clear they are here to stay. The manufacturing process has presented new challenges which have required unique and creative solutions. An electric vehicle uses power from a battery pack inside the car to power an electric motor that turns the wheels, thus eliminating the need for an engine. A typical EV has about 90% less moving parts than an internal combustion engine. In a manufacturing environment this means less parts to assemble, less complexity and a lighter package. EVs produce instant torque, so the drive start is quick. Conventional technology, however, can produce the same torque, but at speed. Therefore, a lot of electric cars feel lighter to drive along with numerous other advantages in manufacturing.

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