Crimp-Tite™ Hose handles challenging applications

Product Announcement from American BOA, Inc.

Crimp-Tite™ Hose handles challenging applications-Image

A new, patented crimp-style fitting system makes inherently reliable braided metal hose assemblies. It extends hose life, as no heat is applied to the metal and resists corrosion more than welded assemblies, and helps solve issues that traditional welded metal hose cannot handle.

See in this example how the FKM seal is an excellent benefit that dampens vibration in air compressors.

The Crimp-Tite™ process eliminates welding & associated costs and achieves faster production with consistent results, delivering a premium-grade hose solution at considerable cost savings compared to using non-metallic or fluoropolymer plastic products.

How the Crimp-Tite™ Process Works

The Crimp-Tite™ process incorporates four components: fitting insert(stem), crimp ferrule (collar), composite rubber seal and Crimp-Tite™ braided metal hose. The fitting stem and the collar are positively locked together during radial-compression crimping. This method of attachment enables the hose assembly to be used to the maximum working pressure of the particular hose style and size. Hose pressure ratings are based on a minimum 4:1 safety ratio, burst to operating pressure.

See a video showing you the technology HERE


To learn more about putting the Crimp Titetm fitting technology to work on your braided steel hose assemblies, just e mail us your inquiries, or click on the Product Details web link on this page for more information.