Crimp-Tite™ isolates & conveys hydraulic fluid

Product Announcement from American BOA, Inc.

Crimp-Tite™ isolates & conveys hydraulic fluid-Image

When you need hose that handles difficult applications you need Crimp-Tite™ This new, patented crimp-style fitting system makes inherently reliable braided metal hose assemblies. It extends hose life, as no heat is applied to the metal and resists corrosion more than welded assemblies

• Hose assemblies are inherently reliable.
They do not depend on the skill of the welder.
Welding equipment and expertise not required.
Expendable materials (gas, rod, etc.) no longer required.
• Eliminates scrap generated by improper welding.
• No cost for producing and maintaining weld standards and requirements,
documentation, or on-going and certification of welders.
• Requires minimal training expense to produce a consistently high-quality product.
Facilitates cross-training of employees.
More output per employee hour - production time is reduced by up to 66%.
Objective dimensional inspection and testing.
• Crimp process consistent with hydraulic-process methods.

See a video showing you the technology HERE


To learn more about putting the Crimp Titetm fitting technology to work on your braided metal hose assemblies, just e mail us your inquiries, or click on the Product Details web link on this page for more information.