Designing Expansion Joints for Piping Systems

Product Announcement from American BOA, Inc.

Designing Expansion Joints for Piping Systems-Image

Expansion joints are engineered components which require careful attention when designing a piping system. To see in depth information that will help you as a system designer select the most appropriate expansion joint for your application read more here


The bellows is the basic element of an expansion joint and the following characteristics are important considerations in the design process.

Flexibility Thin gauge material is used in the manufacture of multi ply bellows increasing flexibility and reducing deflection forces.

Stress Analysis Mechanical stresses are evaluated with relation to temperature and pressure and maintained within acceptable limits

Cycle Life The contour of thin gauge multi-ply convolution is designed to minimize pressure and deflection induced stresses. Full load thermal cycles are evaluated with relation to total travel

Maximum Travel Maximum axial, lateral and angular movements are optimized considering the lowest possible spring rates and shortest overall length

Fail-Safe Design Bellows must be designed for safety in case of system failures or extreme operating conditions.

To read in depth information about these and other factors such as temperature, pressure and thrust and see detailed graphs showing performance data just click on the web link on the right, or e mail your questions about expansion joint design to the experts at American BOA