High Vacuum and Cryogenic Connectors

Product Announcement from American BOA, Inc.

High Vacuum and Cryogenic Connectors-Image

BOA TORRI flexible vacuum connectors and couplings comply with the industry's highest manufacturing and quality standards.

Design Conditions:

TORRI flexible vacuum connectors are designed for full vacuum at temperatures ranging from -200° C to +550° C. All products are degreased, cleaned and dried in accordance AVS and industry standards. All standard products are leak checked to 1 X 10 -9 cc/second. Ultra High Vacuum products are leak checked to 1 X 10 -11 cc/second.

Cryogenic bellows and connectors are designed on application for pressure and liquefied transfer requirements for helium, nitrogen, and other gases. Vacuum jacketed assemblies are also available.


Flexible bellows, hoses and end fittings are formed from a variety of materials; 304ss, 316L, 316TI, and 321ss.

Assembly of cryogenic and vacuum connectors are completed in a clean room environment. All welding is completed to qualified ASME procedures.


Larger sizes, special lengths, braided, a variety of flanges configurations.

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