Safety Relief Valve Vent Connectors

Product Announcement from American BOA, Inc.

Safety Relief Valve Vent Connectors-Image

Steam is one of the most common carriers of energy, used to drive turbines & provide heat for industrial processes and communities. It drives locomotives and catapults planes from aircraft carriers. In these steam systems, with pressures in excess of 2000 psi & temperatures above 1000°F safety relief valves ensure that steam is vented before pressure peaks can damage equipment.

American BOA Safety Relief Valve Vent Connectors offer a safe, efficient and reliable solution.

  • Completely sealed system eliminates steam discharge into the building
  • Inherent flexibility protects valve structure from excessive bending moments & forces.
  • Allows higher back pressure
  • Protects personnel and equipment

Access a detailed pdf with drawings, specs and insight on the multi-ply bellows designs in these SRVs