Glass Filters

Product Announcement from American Precision Glass Corp.

Glass Filters-Image

American Precision Glass works with Glass Manufacturers like Schott, Hoya, Gillander and Corning Filter Glass to produce the right filter for your specifications.

Virtually all neutral density and color filter glass including: Black-and blue filter glass, Blue and blue-green filter glass, Green filter glass, Yellow filter glass & Orange filter glass. Specifications of Optical Glass Filters include: Flatness, Surface Quality:( 80-50 s&d, Other on request), Mechanical Tolerances: up to ±15µm (depending on material). Max. Dimensions: 165mm x 165mm (at small quantities). Thickness: 0,5mm up to 10mm. All listed color glass filters can be individually fabricated to your requirements. Additional coatings, cemented filter combinations, assembling of different color glass, filters and glass materials and thermal tempering are possible and part of our daily production. Additional optical, thermal and mechanical material specifications are available on request . We will meet or beat any competitor in price, quality or delivery.