Int'l Brazing & Soldering Conf: Abstracts

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Brazing and soldering professionals are invited to submit abstracts of 150 to 200 words describing original, previously unpublished work for consideration. The work may pertain to current research, actual or potential applications, or new developments. Commercialism must be avoided to maintain the high level of technical quality and integrity of the IBSC conference series.


Below are some of the topical areas covered at IBSC:

• Aerospace, Automotive & Structural 
• HVAC&R systems 
• Power & Electrical Equipment 
• Ceramic/Glass to Metal Joining 
• Joint Reliability 
• Sensors/Micro-Electronics 
• Chemical & Petroleum Production 
• Lead-Free Solders 
• Solder Joining Methods
• Composite Materials 
• Light Metals 
• Special/Advanced Brazing Processes

• Corrosion of Brazed Joints 
• Materials & Process Design/Control 
• Structural Solder Applications
• Electronic Packaging 
• Medical Test Methods & Evaluation 
• Filler Metal Properties 
• Mining & Heavy Equipment 
• Thermal Management 
• Fluxes & Atmospheres 
• Modeling 
• Furnace Brazing
• Nanomaterials

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