RWMA Resistance Welding School 2019

Service Detail from American Welding Society (AWS)

Start preparing for the upcoming Certified Resistance Welding Technician (CRWT) certification at the Emmett A. Craig RWMA Resistance Welding School. Presented by industry experts, this is an intensive two-day course covering the fundamentals of Resistance Welding. The course is designed for Resistance Welding community members in a variety of roles, such as Welding & Production Managers & Supervisors, Engineers, Setup and Senior Operators, Trainers & Educators. Students emerge from the course with a better understanding of Resistance Welding Fundamentals, from Theory to Application Requirements to Equipment and Setups used in various Resistance Welding processes.

The focused learning environment better prepares those new to Resistance Welding, and further educates the experienced. Day One discusses Resistance Welding processes and the associated machines, materials, electrodes and power systems. Day Two explores resistance welding controls, quality standards, machine set-up and maintenance. The course concludes on Day Two with a Q & A panel where students can get feedback from the instructors on their specific applications. Registration is limited to the first 40 students.


The conference will take place at RoMan Manufacturing located in Grand Rapids, Michigan On May 15-16, 2019. Register Today.