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View our webinar 'Fundamentals of Non-contact Temperature Measurement', where we will introduce the fundamentals of non-contact temperature measurement. What industrial processes benefit from these kinds of measurement and why this technology can be advantageous? Many examples are discussed and comparisons with other temperature measurement methods are shown.

AMETEK Land (Land Instruments International) - Supporting the global industrial community for over 60 years with innovative and reliable products and solutions.

AMETEK LAND are specialists in the design and manufacture of monitors and analysers for industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions.

Infrared Temperature Measurement
AMETEK Land (Land Instruments International) is the world leader in the design and application of infrared temperature measurement for industry. AMETEK Land is known as both innovators and manufacturers of high quality precision radiation thermometers and thermometer systems; AMETEK Land's position is unrivalled with over 60 years experience in temperature measurement. Land products are used extensively in applications as diverse as steel, glass, electronics, mineral processing, power generation, utility and aircraft gas turbines, and a wide range of other industries. Ongoing development creates products for new applications and the continuous improvement of an expanding product range

Infrared temperature measurement product range includes:
• Fixed, on-line thermometers and systems - for process control and product quality
• Portable infrared thermometers - for spot measurements
• Process thermal imagers - for asset management and process control
• High Resolution, infrared scanners for fast moving materials
• Calibration Furnaces

Quality is an integral part of the AMETEK Land philosophy, where all levels of management and employees are responsible for the quality of their work, to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Quality, traceability and overall service remain the highest priority at LAND. The Quality Management System at AMETEK Land Instruments International is approved to ISO 9001. With the recognition of accuracy as the foundation of good product design - the AMATEK Land laboratory was the first, in 1970, to be accredited for the issue of calibration certificates for thermal measurements. Again in 2001 LAND were the first to meet the requirements of ISO 17025 - and remains one of the world's leading calibration laboratories today.

Combustion & Environmental Monitoring
Our Combustion & Environmental section specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of combustion and environmental monitoring instrumentation. Pioneered by an initial interest in the efficiency of coal fired combustion processes, serious development of CO monitors soon established Land Instruments International as world leaders in this field.

Additional expertise was gained with the development of sophisticated plant safety equipment in the form of mill fire detection systems. With the recent increase in environmental concerns, the company has continued to develop and produce a range of high quality environmental gas analysers for monitoring and complying with worldwide legislation. Land are true specialists in their field, constantly innovating to provide instruments and systems with the highest performance and reliability. Most LAND products for environmental emissions applications carry both European certifications in the form of MCerts and TÜV approval. Our products are designed to meet the requirements of the latest European standards such as EN-15267 parts 1, 2 and 3 plus QAL-1 compliance.

Combustion and environmental monitoring product range includes:
• Combustion efficiency monitors - for industrial boiler efficiency and control
• Stack Gas Emissions Analyzers - to meet environmental regulations in the UK
• Dust and Particulate Monitors - to meet compliance and non-compliance environmental applications
• Portable Gas Analyzers - spot checks of efficiency and pollutant emissions
• Coal fire detection systems - for grinding mills, silos, stockyards and conveyors

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