Jet Engine Turbine Blade Gauging

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Specialists in the investment casting and machining of alloy metals, such as aluminium and titanium, which are primarily used for jet aircraft engines and airframes, have to measure the dimensions of the blades after surface grinding. After casting, the turbine blades undergo surface grinding to complete the collaboration of surfaces. The dimensions of the blade post-grind then need to be accurately measured as the initial proportions from the casting will have changed slightly. A precision process application is required to conform to final specification requirements (dimensional accuracy and surface finish).


The standard DP range of Digital Spring Push Probes has justifiably become the work horse of the gauging industry. Very high resolution, excellent linearity and high data speed come as standard. Long life precision bearings, and an IP65 rating ensure that probes maintain their performance for million cycles. Specialized sensors such as Non-contact and Block Gauges can be used for different dimensions.


Using the Digital Spring Push Probes (DP/S), the measurements from the desire location on the turbine can be taken, and fed into the digital readout (SI5500). Measurement data from the SI5500 is transmitted via the unit's RS232 output to a PC running a statistical process control system. This data is then used to monitor the performance of the grinding process and the quality of the finished parts, providing traceability records from the start of the process to the finished part. Adding the Orbit GCS can provide full connectivity.