Long Stroke Pneumatic Feathertouch Probe - DT/30

Featured Product from Ametek Solartron Metrology

Feather Touch transducers have been designed especially to gauge or measure delicate surfaces such as car windscreens, pharmaceutical bottles, electro-mechanical components and plastic parts. Where as a traditional transducer exerts a tip force of approximately 0.7 N, the Feather Touch exerts a mere 0.18 N when used in the horizontal position. This reduction is achieved by replacing the gaiter with a close tolerance gland. Despite the low volume of air flow the bearing is constantly purged, avoiding the build up of dust.

DT/30 Feather Touch

  • 30mm mechanical travel, with measuring
  • range at end of travel
  • 5 and 10mm measuring ranges
  • As low as 0.18 N Tip Force

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