Orbit® LTH Linear Measurement Sensor

Featured Product from Ametek Solartron Metrology

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Solartron Metrology, the world leader in linear measurement, innovation has expanded its laser products. Orbit® LTH is a complete range of Laser Triangulation sensors for high precision measurements. With linearity of 0.02% FSO, and ranges from 2 mm to 200 mm, Solartron lasers offer the best solution for your measurement problem.

Its advantages include:

• Auto Gain Circuitry: The unit automatically adjusts the power to the laser based on feedback from the material, providing better readings on more difficult surfaces.

• Gap Time: If you are checking a surface with gaps or holes that could throw off data, the laser has a bridging function where you can program the laser to account for those drop offs. Your data is then less likely to be skewed.

• Diffuse or Specular modes: Instead of purchasing a separate unit for Diffuse or Specular applications, the laser can switch between the two different modes, depending on the material.


• 2 mm to 200 mm measuring ranges

• Up to +/- 0.02% F.S. Accuracy

• Up to 0.0076 µm resolution

• 40 kHz sampling speed and up to 4 kHz output

• Laser Beam Control – the beam can be switched off allowing multiple lasers to measure points very close together where beam interference could occur. In the beam off mode the laser head remains powered so that readings can quickly be taken after turning the beam • Plugs into Orbit® 3; network up to 150 sensors with full control

• The laser functions via the Orbit® 3 interface using Ethernet, Modbus, USB or Serial (RS232). The LTH can also be used with the Orbit® ACS products (with integral display) where control is via the menu or via Orbit® ACS Modbus interface

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