Chatillon® CS Series Advanced Force Test System

Product Announcement from Ametek Test & Calibration Instruments

Chatillon® CS Series Advanced Force Test System-Image

The Chatillon® CS Series Digital Force Testers are revolutionary systems optimized for production testing applications, including medical devices, plastics, packaging, textiles, rubber and electronics to name a few. No personal computer is required; no proprietary software is required; no knowledge of programming languages is required.Two options are available. Both the CS225 and CS1100 provide you with an easy-to-use, intuitive and straight-forward method for tensile testing, compression testing, sheer testing, flexural testing or advanced multi-stage testing that conform to ISO or ASTM testing procedures.With the CS Series you can perform:Limit testing to load, displacement or timeBreak testing sharp or percentageMulti-stage, cyclic tests and height measurements