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Open Frame LCD Monitors

Amongo designs and manufactures a series of open frame touch screen monitor, covering the size from 6.5 inch to 80 inch. These monitors come with only a metal chassis to hold the components into place, also could be called a bare bone monitor system. The advantage of this is that it allows OEM and system integrator to drop-in an Open Frame Monitor into their design by mounting on flange-mount points or back-end VESA mount. It's with very simple structure design to save cost so as to meet clients' project budget. Amongo's open frame LCD touch monitor is widely used in ATM, VTM, ticket vending machines, self-service kiosk, vending machine, station information display and many other intelligent display applications.

Panel Mount LCD Monitors

Amongo's panel mount LCD monitors are enclosed with all metal panels, which support panel mount, VESA mount or embedded mount for different applications. The advantage for this panel mount touch screen monitor is that it performs very well when used in the environment with harsh conditions, like water, dust and dirt. It can largely reduce the maintenance cost for end users with the long lifespan and stable quality. Amongo's industrial panel mount monitor can also be customized into all in one panel computers with integrated industrial motherboards to offer a whole computing system for customers project. The size range main covers 12.1", 15",17", 19", 21.5", 24", 27", etc.

Vesa/Wall Mount LCD Monitors

Industrial VESA mount industrial LCD monitor allows very simple and cost-effective mounting with a wall mount bracket which supports standard size like 75 mm x 75 mm and 100 mm x 100 mm. The wall mount LCD monitors developed by Amongo are very suitable for application where the installation space is limited and very easy for end user to attach the monitor to the wall, ceiling or tables. Amongo's industrial wall mount displays are with the various touch screen options to meet their varied requirements.

Rack Mount LCD Monitors

Amongo's rack mount LCD monitors are designed to provide perfect image quality and up-to-date functions in a rugged rack-mountable enclosure, ensuring long term reliability and stability in industrial applications. The rack mount industrail touchscreen monitor features a robust industrial frame to meet the rigorous environments found in many industrial facilities. The side mounting brackets can be customized according to the requirement of customers to fit with their machines during installation, saving much more time and labor cost for end users.

Rear Mount LCD Monitors

Amongo's industrial rear mount LCD display monitors are designed to be fully enclosed and fixed from the back, usually with VESA holes backside, or combined with a desktop stand during installation, also can be used as an open frame monitor. The rear mount monitor is perfect for kiosks, retail self-service and industrial automation applications. We offer aspect ratio 4.3 as well as wide screen formats, with sizes varying from 7 inch to 70 inch and with different touch screen options: 5-wire resistive, 10-points capacitive, SAW or IR multi touch. Brightness could be chosen from 250 nits to 2000 nits depending on different screen sizes and your project requests.