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IP65/IP66/IP67 Waterproof LCD Monitors

More and more display monitors are adopted in outdoor applications, like outdoor kiosk, outdoor digital signage, outdoor advertisement display, parcel lockers, EV charging stations etc. For these applications, the equipment will requires the monitors to be waterproof. The waterproof LCD touch screen equipped with normal flat screen within a weatherproof enclosure to meet the requirements of waterproof, dustproof etc. Amongo has developed many models of waterproof monitors for different customer projects. All these waterproof monitors perform well even in the demanding environment.

Wide Temperature Range LCD Monitors

With our talented hardware and software team, Amongo has developed own A/D boards that support wide temperature operation from -30 to 80 centigrade degree. So when we incorporate our A/D boards with the TFT LCD panels that support wide temperature operation, the whole monitor could be operated normally in wide temperature. The wide temp LCD display monitor will be a best choice for those applications in places with big temperature difference. And our wide temperature monitors are one of Amongo's strongest advantages.

Sunlight Readable High Bright LCD Monitors

Sunlight readable LCD monitors are often used in a very bright environment, usually for outdoor applications. The monitors brightness can be chosen from 600 nits to 2000 nits according to screen sizes. And with adding a light senor with the monitor, it will automatically adjust the monitor brightness according to environment light, so to save energy and also extend the LCD panel life span. And also for a better view experience for end users, the touchscreen cover glass of our high brightness LCD monitor could be done with additional functions like Anti reflection, Anti glare, Anti-UV, etc.

Sunlight Readable High Bright Panel PCs

Same with the sunlight readable LCD monitors, the high brightness panel computers are made of a sunlight readable monitor and a main board with different operation systems. With the industrial grade components, the sunlight readable panel PC is very suitable for outdoor applications. The heating dissipation is well resolved through reasonable structure design, even in very demanding operation circumstances, Amongo's sunlight readable high bright panel PCs can perform well and run long time without quality issues.

Customized LCD Monitors And Panel PCs

One of Amongo's unique strengths is the ability to offer tailor-made solutions to exactly meet the requirements of clients' projects. As every customer has different demand due to various market they are serving with different applications. Thanks to our experienced hardware and software team, we have helped our customers in developing diverse models of LCD monitors and panel PCs, from the prototype to mass production, all being achieved within very short time and with high product quality. Our customized industrial panel PC offers customers confidence to start their projects. They rely on us when they have new inquiries of industrial monitor and panel computers as Amongo can always have a solution for them.