HF-A Series Wideband Power Amplifier

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Amp-Line, The "HF-A" series power amplifiers are wideband, complimentary class AB linear amplifiers with output impedance close to zero ohm. This feature enables our power amplifiers to have the ability to cope with a wide range of dynamic loads.

The frequency response of our power amplifiers covers the whole audio frequency range (20 Hz to 20K Hz) and part of the ultrasound & radio frequency range (up to 800K Hz). The standard output voltage of the power amplifiers (without output transformers) is 0 - 28 V rms. With external output transformers, the output voltage can go up to other level specified by customers (10K V rms. maximum). The output power rating of our power amplifiers ranges between 50 watts to 1400 watts as an individual unit. Higher power or multiple-phase configurations can be achieved by combining multiple units. The power ratings of our power amplifiers are for continuous duty at full power with +0.7 to -0.7 power factor.

Typical customer usage for the amplifiers include plasma excitation, induction heating, EMC testing, EMI testing, magnetic field generation, and testing products such as Helmholtz coils, piezo elements, inductors, capacitors, Ferrite Cores, etc.

DC Coupled Option:
Normally our power amplifiers are AC coupled and usually supplied by us with output transformer(s) to provide the voltage ranges specified by the customer. However, if specified the power amplifier amplifiers can be DC coupled (add "-DC" to the end of part number). As a result, the frequency response of the power amplifiers will be DC to 800K Hz at 0-28 V rms.