Linear Frequency Converters for Manufacturing

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Single-phase and 3-phase Frequency Converters

The "FC" series frequency converters are linear circuitry frequency converters. Customers can specify the input-output frequencies and voltage. The output frequency chosen by the customer is a fixed value ranging from 47 Hz to 20K Hz. The output frequency should be shown as part of the part number. For example, AL-300-FC-400 means the output frequency is 400 Hz. For applications that require adjustable frequencies, please refer to our Constant Voltage Sources series or consult factory for special pricing.

In addition to being used for export testing, operating equipment manufactured in a foreign country and avionic applications, the frequency converter can be widely used in manufacturing industries and research laboratories where higher frequencies are needed for special testing.

The output waveform of our frequency converters is defaulted as sine wave. Every model has output enable and disable functions. The output of the frequency converters always start from the zero crossing point when the unit is turned on. The frequency converters' power ratings are for continuous duty at full power with +0.7 to -0.7 power factor.

As some manufacturers dropping out their linear design products, our PD free frequency converters (power sources) have been helping customers transition from legacy products.