Variety of constant current sources for Military

Featured Product from Amp-Line Corp.

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Amp-Line Corp. provides a wide variety of constant current sources, constant voltage sources solutions for military organizations, such as NASA, Navy, and The Boeing Company.

Our products include wideband AC power amplifiers, AC power sources, linear frequency converters, and high frequency transformers. We also manufacture plasma power supply systems, high power piezo drivers and test systems.

The frequency range which our products cover is from 5 Hz – 800K Hz. The power ratings of our products range from 50 watts to 1500 watts as individual units. Multiple units can be combined for higher power ratings or for multiple-phase configurations.

Our products are utilized in applications such as testing of Helmholtz coils, piezo elements, circuit breakers, protective relays, lamps, watt-meters, transformers, inductors, capacitors, ferrite cores, etc. Our products are ideal for highly inductive loads and capacitive loads which require PD free powering.