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Amphe-PD Mini 5.7mm / Amphe-PD Gen2 5.7mm

Featured Product from Amphenol Communications Solutions

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The Amphe-PD Mini 5.7mm is designed to carry up to 120A at 500V DC. These connectors are available in busbar mount, right angle and vertical SMT compatible PCB mount.

The Gen2 5.7mm Amphe-PD can carry a maximum current of 150A at 500V DC. They come in black and red with a plastic housing and are available in vertical SMT compatible PCB mount.

Both connectors offer wire terminations ranging from 6 AWG to 2 AWG and can transfer power from a cable harness to PCB or other power application.

Both connectors in this enhanced power connector series feature a small footprint making them ideal for use in energy storage racks, data center equipment, servers, 5G, HPC and electrical devices where space is limited. They can accommodate reflow soldering or press fit termination onto the PCB.

These 5.7mm connectors feature RADSOK technology for higher amperage, lower t-rise, less resistance, and lower mating forces. This technology allows for more power in a smaller footprint.

The connectors also offer a mechanical latch feature that locks the connector in the mated position.

Both the Amphe-PD Mini 5.7mm and Gen2 5.7mm Amphe-PD are RoHS compliant and are available in UL-94 V0.

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