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Eaxtron - UL1977 DIN Connector

Featured Product from Amphenol Communications Solutions

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These connectors are designed to offer lower cost of ownership and meet the needs of companies in the Material Handling (forklifts), GSE (ground support equipment - aviation support), MRO (maintenance, repair, operations), specialty vehicles (golf carts, EATV, etc) and warehouse operations and purchasing industries. They are safe, easy to use and durable.

Making effortless connections

The UL1977 connectors offer coupling with 80% less effort than the current industry standard and feature a unique contact technology that allows for more contact points and a higher rate of conductivity. A lower force is required to mate and unmate the leads to these connectors, resulting in less damage and lower injury rates.

Durability is key

The connector’s contacts are made from pure copper and plated with 6μm of silver, ensuring minimal wear and tear on the contact. The patented Vortex clip guarantees a safe and easier connection, significantly reducing friction and further improving the contact’s lifespan.

Made from polyamide to ensure robust performance in even the most rugged environments, these connectors have flexible and durable handles.

Safe to use

The connector is designed with a patented locking mechanism as well as female contacts and a durable housing that stops potential arcs. Its color-coded system design helps to prevent non-compatible connection by classifying different voltages and applications by color.

Eaxtron USA connectors are UL approved and available in sizes rated to 160A, 320A and 430A. These durable connectors have a lifespan that exceeds 12,000 cycles, which is twice the industry average. Adapters are available to make the connectors interoperable with other industry standard connectors.

Innovation at Eaxtron USA will always be user-oriented. It is this focus on the human factor of technology that has inspired the company to focus on usability, safety, and comfort rather than the bottom line. For Eaxtron USA, the bottom line is the user experience. The company aspires to reshape the industry around this value. As the industry adapts to innovations in lithium-ion and fast charge technology, Eaxtron USA aims to shepherd this evolution such that connections become not only faster, but safer and more efficient too. With these values at the forefront of our mission, Eaxtron USA will revolutionize the way it uses and thinks about connectors, from commodity towards practical and valuable solution.

For pricing of the Eaxtron Effortless & Arcless UL 1977 DIN connectors, please contact your Amphenol Industrial sales engineer for further details and a quote.

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