XTRX Extraction Columns

Product Announcement from Miles Scientific (Analtech)

iChromatography/Analtech, Inc., the only manufacturer of Thin Layer Chromatography plates in the U.S., today launched a new product line - the XTRX ™ extraction columns.

The XTRX ™ columns can be used for everything from drug testing to environmental pollutants screenings and is designed for use in the Dupont Prep ™ 1 Automated Sample Processor, the XTRX ™ 4 Automated Sample Processor or any vacuum box.

The XTRX ™ columns were previously manufactured by Creative Technology Systems, Inc.

iChromatograph/Analtech Inc. is launching the series with Type AX and Type AX/S columns which contain a nominal 120 mg of a polymeric strong anion exchange resin retained by a porous filter. Analtech General Manager Steven C. Miles said the company will soon add standard SPICE packings as well as offering customers the opportunity to supply their own resins and packings.

"Over the past few months we've been talking with some of our customers about the possibility of offering this new product line and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive," said Miles. "We're excited about offering our customers this new line of quality products in the family of separation science."

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