Contaminant Identification

Service Detail from ANALYZE Inc.

Contaminant Identification-Image

A partial list of projects in which ANALYZE has identified a contaminant is provided below:

  • Ionic Contamination on Rigid/Flexible Circuit Boards and Ceramic Substrates
  • Determined Residual Monomer Concentration in Cured Adhesive Pad
  • Identified Source of Contamination on Aluminized Plastic Reflectors
  • Wide Variety of Metal and Plastic Parts
  • Off-Odors and Residual Solvents in Plastic Parts
  • Contamination in Printing Inks
  • Residues Left on Substrates from Cleaning Process Steps
  • Contaminant Fibers in Injection Molded Parts
  • Residues Resulting from Fires and Explosions

After contaminant identification is achieved, ANALYZE will help the client find its source and develop a method to eliminate it.

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