Speciality Coatings and Services

Product Announcement from ANALYZE Inc.

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ANALYZE provides a variety of services related to organic coatings:

  • Problem Solving
  • Deformulation
  • Tailored Coating Development
  • Specialty Coating Manufacturing

If a coating fails in an existing application, the determination of the root cause of this failure provides the basis needed to implement a remedy. A combination of visual/microscopic inspection, selected materials characterization methods, performance tests and common sense based on 40+ years of individual experience have been employed to solve client problems.

Both thermoplastic and thermoset coatings can be analyzed for their component parts by a variety of microscopic, chromatographic, spectroscopic, thermal and mechanical analytical methods.. The depth of the analysis depends upon how the results will be employed. A generic identification of the coating family is a far simpler question to answer than the establishment of a 'clone' suitable for application to a medical device used with humans. Sourcing, reformulation and comparison to the target coating is often done to obtain a more accurate description of the coating than can be afforded by analytical deformulation alone.

If commercially available coatings cannot fill the needs of a particular application, a custom coating can be developed which is tailored to the application. ANALYZE has experience developing polymeric coatings for diverse applications and industry segments.

As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, we manufacture specialty organic solvent and water based coatings in 5-gal to 500-gal batch sizes.

Please contact Dr. Steve Valenty to discuss your coating needs: svalenty@analyzeinc.com.