Unknown Chemical Compound Identification

Service Detail from ANALYZE Inc.

Unknown Chemical Compound Identification-Image

Analyze can identify unknown chemical compounds and materials; including the following:

  • Starting Point For Factory Production Problem and Field Failure Analyses
  • Development of New Compounds and Materials
  • Health Concerns in Pharmaceutical, Food and Consumer Products
  • Patent Interference
  • Competitive Product Analysis
  • Identify and Eliminate Source of Contamination
  • Verification of MSDS Information to Allow Product to be Safely Handled in a Manufacturing Environment

ANALYZE assumes full responsibility for developing the materials characterization strategy, obtaining the analytical information and interpreting the raw data that results in the identification of the unknown substance. ANALYZE provides sufficient information to fill the client's needs. In some cases, it is enough to have a generic classification of the material while in other instances the information must be in sufficient detail to allow sourcing of the same or equivalent material from a supplier.