Improve your Composite Machinery Equipment

Featured Product from Andantex USA, Inc.

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How ANDANTEX deep expertize in Axis Drives & Precision Tension Control for the Composite Industry will allow you to improve your own equipement and process

1. Zero-Backlash Linear and Rotary Axis Drive Solutions

2. Precision Tension Control Solutions for Fibers, Tapes & Web

Andantex USA Inc
Andantex is your source in North America for the following product categories: Servo Planetary Reducers, Mini Servo Planetary Reducers, Servo Worm Reducers, Rack and Pinion Systems and Components, 2 Speed Spindle Gearboxes, Automatic Lubrication Systems, Lifting Systems, Made to Order Large Gears, Right Angle Gearboxes, Differentials, Mechanical Clutches, Reducers & Multipliers, Magnetic Particle Brakes, Clutches & Torque Limiters, Load Cells, Transducers & Sensors, Electronics & Controllers.