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Specifically designed for multi-spindles tension control applications, DG-Block is the new benchmark in closed loop digital controller for any industries using equipment managing a large number of wires, cables, fibers or even narrow webs.

Designed with the most advanced technologies, DGblock offers a complete range of specialized functions all in an incredibly compact controller.

DG-Block is a true turnkey solution relying on a very intuitive programming system based on an exclusive computer software (DG-BlockSoft).

One of the most noticeable feature is the bus connector at the back of the enclosure which allows to distribute the main data (set point, measurement, etc.), and the process instruction from one master device to several slave devices, without any extra wiring.


  • Built-in precision amplifier for 1 or 2 sensors
  • Compatible with any load cell technologies
  • P.I.D regulation algorithm
  • Combinations of open + closed loop function for demanding applications
  • Emergency stop torque proportional to the set-point
  • Soft start function with programmable ramp
  • Very easy set-up with the PC software (Windows)
  • Multiple languages choice
  • Connection to the controller with MODBUS TCP Ethernet port
  • Design specifically for multi spindle application


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