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Anokiwave is an innovative company specializing in SiGe, CMOS, and III/V IC design at millimeter wave frequencies.
We are a team of industry-leading designers, mentors and executives with a history of successful entrepreneurial experience. We are looking for outstanding and ambitious engineers that want to continually learn and design cutting-edge chips from X-band through E-band. Every individual who works for us can have a huge impact on the success of the company and we are committed to generously sharing that success with our employees.

Find Your Future at Anokiwave
We are always looking for talented candidates with an MS or Ph.D. in electrical engineering for full-time employment. Expertise and extensive coursework in microwave and millimeter-wave circuit design is a must. Experience using Cadence, Agilent ADS, and EM tools including Sonnet and HFSS is preferred. Our work environment is very innovative and collaborative so strong communication skills are critical.

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Anokiwave is a cutting-edge provider of highly integrated IC solutions that enable emerging mm-Wave markets and Active Antenna based solutions. Anokiwave’s creative system architectures and optimal selection of semiconductor technologies solve the toughest engineering problems.