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Highly integrated silicon RF beamforming IC

Featured Product from Anokiwave

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The AWMF-0221 is a highly integrated silicon RF beamforming IC (BFIC) built on Anokiwave’s proven quad channel, dual polarization CMOS platform. This modular architecture delivers industry leading antenna performance across multiple end user applications with benchmark linear RF power and DC power efficiency, seamlessly supporting higher signal bandwidths and modulations. Each BFIC includes beam steering controls for compliance with all 3GPP standards. Half duplex operation with dual polarization allows a single antenna aperture per sector coverage.

The new Gen-4 IC family supports OEMs goal of net-zero emissions and is industry's first multi-band solution providing higher EIRP and efficiency for smaller arrays, all while supporting higher bandwidth and modulations.


  • NEW Generation 4 IC family
  • 24.25 to 29.5 GHz operation
  • n258, n257, and n261 3GPP bands
  • NEW Higher linear power and improved efficiency
  • 4 dual-pol or 8 single-pol antenna configuration
  • Tx/Rx half duplex operation
  • Single antenna for Tx and Rx
  • Phase and gain control
  • Telemetry reporting
  • Fast beam steering
  • Zero-Cal® phase/gain calibration free
  • NEW FC-CSP package
  • Consider AWMF-0210 or AWMF-0188 IF Up/Down Converter ICs or AWMF-0224 dual channel IF Transceiver IC for a full RF Solution


3GPP Compliant 5G communications arrays in the n258, n257, and n261 bands