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NEW Up/Down Converter IC

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NEW 37-43.5 GHz IF Up/Down Converter IC
The AWMF-0218 is a highly integrated silicon frequency-conversion IC intended for 5G phased array applications. When used together with Anokiwave’s beamformer IC products, this device enables low-cost, high-performance, and feature-rich 5G phased array systems. The half-duplex IC integrates Tx single-sideband up-conversion and Rx image-reject down-conversion functionality. An on-chip frequency multiplier simplifies board-level integration with external PLLs.

The IF up/down converter ICs are fully compatible with the respective Anokiwave Beamformer ICs, sharing common mechanical and electrical interfaces, and designed for cascade integration from IF to antenna and back.


  • 37 to 43.5 GHz operation
  • n260 and n259 3GPP bands
  • Flat wideband IF and RF response
  • Integrated Tx/Rx half duplex switch
  • Industry leading spectral purity
  • Fully integrated sideband and image rejection
  • Active Tx/Rx conversion gain
  • Autonomous temperature telemetry and rejection
  • On-chip x4 LO frequency multiplier
  • High Rx linearity
  • NEW FC-CSP package
  • Consider AWMF-0236 Dual Pol Quad 4x2 Beamformer IC for a full RF Solution



3GPP compliant 5G communications arrays and satcom transceivers

Anokiwave introduces newest 37 to 43.5 GHz silicon beamformer IC and IF up/down converter IC
Anokiwave, Inc., a provider of highly integrated, cost-effective silicon-based IC solutions for the millimeter-wave (mmWave) and active antenna markets, has expanded its 4th generation high efficiency multi-band silicon IC family into the n260 and n259 bands. The new IC family pushes the levels of performance and cost to a point where network operators can start to accelerate the builds of energy efficient, low cost and small form factor mmWave 5G radios, for every 3GPP FR2 band.

The latest ICs in this family include:

  • AWMF-0236 a quad channel, dual polarization beamformer IC
  • AWMF-0218 a single channel intermediate frequency (IF) up/down converter IC

The two ICs are designed to work together as a complete IF to mmWave solution and to enable a 3GPP compliant n260/n259 signal chain, with industry leading linear power, low DC power and noise figure, high instantaneous bandwidth of up to 1.4 GHz, and support for ultra-low error vector magnitude (EVM). The ICs also support 802.11ac and 802.11ax waveforms for private wireless networks.

The 3GPP n260 and n259 bands provide the largest contiguous spectrum available for 5G wireless service and are planned to be used in densely urban areas requiring ultra-high throughput and capacity. These new ICs paired with Anokiwave’s already released 24 to 30 GHz ICs (AWMF-0221 and AWMF-0210) provide original equipment manufacturers with the option to develop and provide single or multi-band mmWave 5G radios covering all 5G bands from 24 to 43.5 GHz.

The new ICs offer some unique features with system level benefits:

  • Combination of industry’s highest linear power and power efficiency, enabling small and low-cost radios
  • Lowest noise figure performance to support industry leading throughput
  • Utilizes scalability and cost efficiencies of complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) to bring “Handset Technology for Infrastructure”
  • Patented ZERO-CAL function to eliminate the need for array level calibration, greatly increasing manufacturing line-yields and reducing radio cost
  • Advanced digital and detection functions for array level optimization and DC power controls
  • Kinetic Green for dynamic array and attenuator controls, which lower the array’s energy consumption
  • Patented Fast Beam Steering for fast antenna beam directional change and 3GPP compliance

“These new ICs extend the innovations of our mmW Gen-4 silicon ICs to the higher n260 and n259 bands,” said Alastair Upton, Anokiwave chief strategy officer. “It is a very timely product release as network operators worldwide are starting to build 5G networks using these higher bands. With the high network efficiency and low cost of these ICs, operators can now truly achieve the vision of commercially viable mmW 5G networks.”

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