AnoBlack EC:Two-Step Aluminum Black Anodize

Service Detail from Anoplate Corporation

AnoBlack EC:Two-Step Aluminum Black Anodize-Image

AnoBlack EC provides electrolytic blackening (2-step anodize) using inorganic metallic salts in lieu of organic dyes. A 100% smut-free coating that will not fade under extremes of light or temperature. Meets MIL-A­8625, Type II, Class 2 for black sulfuric anodized aluminum.


  • Optics/Optical
  • Medical Devices & Instruments
  • Aerospace components/spacecraft parts
  • Semiconductor and electronics

Key Advantages:

  • On 6000 and 7000 series aluminum, AnoBlack EC will withstand 500F for one hour without any degradation.
  • Black color is largely independent of anodic film thickness - so color depth remains consistent even on thinner coatings.