Revetest Scratch Tester (RST³)

Featured Product from Anton Paar

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The Revetest® macro scratch testing instrument is the industry standard for measuring the scratch resistance and adhesion of hard-coated materials with a typical coating thickness of several microns. 

Cutting-edge scratch resistance testing

  • Diamond-stylus scratch method
  • Feedback-controlled normal force
  • Acoustic emission detection
  • Video microscope with patented synchronized panorama mode
  • Long-term stability of calibration
  • Conventional hardness mode included
  • Complies with ASTM C1624, ISO 20502 and ISO EN 1071


  • Swinging module for lateral oscillations while scratching
  • AFM or ConScan 3D imaging
  • Wide range of indenter tips
  • Indentation option
  • Verification kit for load, friction force and penetration depth