TORC 5000

Featured Product from Anton Paar

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TORC 5000 features unique technology in a robust and compact instrument and combines this with powerful measurement software. The Thermo-optical Oscillating Refraction Characterization (TORC) technique enables determination of the coefficient of thermal expansion and monitoring of phase and glass transitions. TORC 5000 is an interesting and economic solution for adhesive and polymer manufacturers, e.g. to monitor curing, polymer reactions as well as the temperature- and time-dependent behavior of samples.

Easy to operate PC software

  • Easy management of measurements in a workbook structure
  • Monitoring the measurement process via a live result plot
  • Predefined measuring modes

Compact and robust design

  • Small footprint (smaller than a football)
  • Resistant sapphire measurement surface with hardness close to diamond
  • Rugged fully anodized aluminum body
  • Waterproof and dustproof measuring unit acc. to IP 68

Ready to use immediately

  • No temperature calibration needed for daily measurements
  • Customer calibration within seconds with a water reference
  • Factory calibrated with PTB (National Metrology Institute of Germany) standards for refractive index

The most precise temperature control

  • Easy to use Peltier temperature control
  • Accuracy of ±0.03 °C across a temperature range from 4 °C to 125 °C
  • Pre-heating or cooling of sample well for fast measurement and minimal temperature perturbation of sample e.g. to maintain crystal modification

Flexible sample volume

  • From a few µL up to 2 mL of sample measurable