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AON3D formed in 2015 to fill what its founders saw as a massive gap in the fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3-D printing market.

“When we started, there were two types of 3-D printers: desktop consumer printers that are generally used to make trinkets and toys using a limited variety of weak plastics, and $250,000-plus industrial printers that, while functional, only worked with a limited range of proprietary plastic filaments.  We are in the emerging middle market between those two extremes – providing 90 percent of the functionality for 1/10th the cost.”

The company’s founders sought to market a 3-D printer that could be used to produce high-quality, functional parts from a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Each founder had a background in materials engineering from Montreal’s McGill University. “We saw a huge gap in the market for FFF-based 3-D printers built around a strong understanding of polymer science,” co-founder Randeep Singh says.

The AON-M2 printer is suitable for use in sectors ranging from aerospace and defense manufacturing to biomedical research to automotive tooling. This is an attractive solution for people engaged in low-volume manufacturing.  The AON-M2 enables high-strength engineering materials to be 3-D printed into strong parts at a price point that makes sense.

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