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We offer a wide-ranging, diverse product portfolio of standard industry form-factors down the smallest sizes, as well as custom solutions from our engineered product platforms to meet your specific needs.

CTS Frequency Control products provide timing and synchronization solutions for applications such as wireless infrastructure, wireline core networking, synchronous Ethernet, optical networking, avionics, military, oil & gas exploration, and test & measurement.

CTS is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance crystal oscillator products.  We offer the highest frequencies, lowest jitter, and lowest power consumption products available today.  From our VFOV400 series OCXO's designed for portable applications (120mW) to our VFTX110 series TCXO designed for communication systems (1.8GHz), we have a precise timing solution for your most demanding applications.  Our engineers will work with you to customize a unique solution for you design requirements.



CTS has a wide variety of crystal (XTAL) products that are available in multiple package types and frequencies.  Our unique fundamental crystals are developed using a proprietary etching process to reach higher frequencies.  Our long history in automotive market positions us to understand the need of our automotive customers and provide crystal solution.  We have the perfect crystal solution whether you are starting a new design with critical specifications or if you just need a reliable source for an existing application.  Contact our team to help you select from a range of crystals available in glass seal or seam seal packages with sizes as small as 1.6 x 1.2mm.


Clock Oscillators:

Clock Oscillators are the heart of frequency control products and CTS offers the widest array of Crystal Oscillators (XOs) in the industry and we're expanding into MEMS clock oscillators as well.  From the smallest packages to the highest frequency (greater than 1.0GHz), with a choice of outputs including CMOS.  LVPECL, LVDS, and SINE WAVE, we have a solution for even the most stringent applications.  CTS also is one of the few frequency control suppliers who offers a wide product breadth of parts including products with phase jitter of less than 0.1 ps over all conditions.  Whethter you need a simple reference clock or you are developing a mission critical system, we have the right crystal oscillators to help.  Our team will help you select the right clock oscillators in packages as small as 2.5 x 2.0mm.



CTS highest frequency voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs) highlight unique design techniques that allow our VCXOs to achieve the best jitter performance on the market, even at frequencies greater than 1.0GHz.  Customers can design their own PLL circuits or work with our engineers to customize a design to fit your needs.



We product the highest frequency temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs) available in the industry.  With frequencies greater than 1.0GHz, stabilities as low as 0.05ppm, and temperature range up to -40°C to 85°C.  With superior phase noise and low current consumption, our TCXOs enable customers to achieve the highest performance for innovative designs.



CTS offers a complete line of high performance oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXOs) that are available in a broad range of frequencies and stabilities and conform to industry standard packages.  We also offer a unique family of ultra-low-power OCXO designs (120mW) suitable even for battery powered applications.  With wide temperature ranges, high frequencies, the lowest power and the industry leading phase noise and stability, CTS OCXOs offer a performance advantage to our customers.


Timing Modules:

The CTS Timing Modules product line includes completely integrated high frequency, low phase noise timing solutions for jitter attenuation, frequency translation and clock generation.  They are designed using a building block approach with user selectable features, such as single or multiple inputs and outputs, loop bandwidth, lock detect and free run modes.  Output types are also selectable.


Jitter Attenuators:

CTS Jitter Attenuators include a completely integrated clock/PLL timing solution for synchronization, clock and data recovery, and jitter attenuation in network elements.  Models are available in LVPECL, LVDS, SINE, or CMOS with multiple selectable inputs and up to four outputs with frequencies greater than 1.0GHz.  Jitter measured over the OC -48 bandwidth (RMS 12KHz to 20MHz) is less than 0.2ps.  Our Jitter Attenuators exceed the jitter requirements of most communication specifications and are recommended by many physical later interconnect devices.


Frequency Translators:

The CTS Frequency Translator product line comprises a completely integrated clock/PLL timing solution for translating an available frequency source to a required frequency.  Models are available in LVPECL, LVDS, SINE, or CMOS with multiple selectable inputs from 8kHz and multiple selectable outputs greater than 1.5GHz.  Jitter measured over the OC -48 bandwidth (RMS 12KHz to 20MHz) is less than 0.2ps.


Clock Generators:

CTS Clock Generators incorporate a completely integrated timing solution to generate single or multiple frequencies with stabilities of an XO, VCXO or TCXO.  Models are available in LVPECL, LVDS, SINE, or CMOS with multiple selectable outputs greater than 1.5GHz.  Jitter measured over the OC -48 bandwidth (RMS 12KHz to 20MHz) is less than 0.5ps.


About CTS:  

Founded in 1896, CTS Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of sensors, actuators and electronic components to OEMs in the aerospace, communications, defense, industrial, information technology, medical and transportation markets.  With 12 manufacturing locations throughout North America, Asia and Europe, CTS focuses on providing advanced technology, exceptional customer service and superior value to industry partners throughout the globe.

CTS airms to be at the forecfront of technology, delivering innovative sensing, connectivity and motion solutions for the creation and advancement of products and services around the world.


CTS offers the following categories of Sense technologies:

  • Controls - Encoders, Mini-Joysticks, Trimmer Potentiometers, Variable Resistors/Potentiometers
  • Pedals - Contacting, Haptic, Non-Contacting
  • Piezoelectric Sense Products - Flow Meters, Hydrophones, Non-Destructive Testing, Ultrasonic Imaging, etc.
  • Sensors - Chassis Sensors, Clutch and Brake Sensors, Custom Position Sensors, Seating Sensors, Speed Sensors, Throttle Position Sensors, Transmission Sensors, etc.
  • Switches - DIP Switches, Rotary Selector Switches, Tactile Switches
  • Transducers 



CTS offers the following categories of Connect technologies:

  • EMI/RFI Filters - Customized Filters Assemblies, Feed-Through Filters, Surface-Mount Filters
  • Frequency Control Products - Crystals, Clock Oscillators, OCXOs, TCXOs/VCTCXOs, Timing Modules, VCXOs/VCSOs
  • RF Filters - Band Pass Filters, Diplexers, Duplexers, RF Delay Filters
  • Specialty Capacitors - Ceramic Disc Capacitors, Variable Capacitors, WEECON Capacitors
  • Specialty Resistors - Current Sense Resistors, Resistor Networks & RC Terminations, Ultra-High Resistance



CTS offers the following categories of Move technologies:

  • Piezoelectric Move Products - Inkjet Printing, Piezo Actuators, Speakers, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Valves, etc.
  • Rotary Actuators - Brushed DC Actuator, Brushless DC Actuator
  • Thermal Products - Heatsinks, Thermal Interface Materials, ZIF PC Board Retainers