UV-VIS-NIR Fibered spectrometer (FTIR)

Product Announcement from Arcoptix S.A

The ARCspectro UV-VIS-NIR Fiber-Input is an ultra-broadband spectrometer  designed for use with fibered probes over the complete UV, VIS & NIR spectral range: 200-2600nm. The system incorporates one Arcoptix FT-NIR Fourier-Transform scanning spectrometer for the NIR range 0.9-2.6 and one multichannel grating spectrometer for the UV-VIS range. Both instruments are integrated in a single, portable housing that has two separate SMA inputs for the UV-VIS and for the NIR ranges, matching the transmission ranges of high-OH and low-OH fibers. The software supplied with the spectrometer automatically merges the spectra produced by the 2 spectrometers.