Foamer/Aerator- Unique new patented design.

Featured Product from ARDE Barinco, Inc.

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The new Beat Mix Foamer Aerator is capable of dispersing air, gases and other vapors into liquid to form finely dispersed bubbles for the production of stable and unstable foams and also for dispersion of gases into liquids for chemical reactions and mass transfer applications.

The unique oscillating mixing chamber design does not use a high shear rotor/stator to obtain the fine foam.  Composition of the gas/liquid mixture is tightly controlled with programmable accuracy.  The Beat Mix accomplishes the difficult task of making fine foam reproduceably without any mechanical seals in the mixing chamber.  The Beat Mix is easily and automatically cleaned with a short burst of reversing pressure and a very small amount of washing liquid.

 The all stainless mixing chamber is easy to dissassemble allowing various internal configurations for many different application groups.

 Latex foam carpet backing, lite candy and confectionery products, insulation, fire retardents, adhesives, apholstery, draperies and many other products can be made reliably with major savings on down time and maintenance

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