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Model 6 x 3 Dicon in-line dispersing wet grinder

Featured Product from ARDE Barinco, Inc.

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Model 6 x 3 Dicon in-line dispersing wet grinder

A patented impeller with three helical blades rotates at high speed inside a matching, tubular housing. The rotating impeller creates a negative pressure differential, centrifugal shoveling and positive axial thrust - drawing materials into an intensive shear zone.

Whether you're working in the laboratory, prototyping a new process or looking for an in-line grinder that can swallow tank trucks full of abrasive slurry - ARDE Barinco can meet your needs.

Dicon in-line grinders shred solid surfaces, grind particles, smash agglomerates, and reduce dissolving or dispersing time. The unique, high-shear design insures fast mixing and complete solid-to-liquid contact. You get faster batch turnover improved production flow.