Case Study: Custom Plastic Tubing Solutions

Product Announcement from Argos Corporation

Case Study: Custom Plastic Tubing Solutions-Image

When our customer wanted custom length, flexible extension cannula tubes for their Dissolution Filtering process, Argos Corporation was able to provide fully assembled tubes with pre-inserted Luer Lock fittings to meet their needs.

To help reduce costs further, Argos worked with the customer to eliminate the molded Luer Lock fitting. By incorporating the variable diameter control afforded by Taper Tube Technology, Argos Corporation was able to provide a fitting-free design that allowed interference fit on both the male and female sides of the standard Luer Lock by altering the ID and OD of the Cannula from end to end. In essence, providing a cost effective Luer Slip connection onto the more commonly available Luer Lock design.

Additional customization can include color coded lengths, choice of materials and coextruded designs to improve specific features such as chemical resistance, ease of assembly or biocompatibility.

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