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ARIZONA SEALING DEVICES can assist you with meeting your O-ring needs. We are an established distributor in Chandler, AZ since 1989 and have access to many vendors providing us with a wide variety of O-rings. We are a distributor of metric, standard, military, and aerospace O-rings. Whether your application entails exposure to high heat, extreme PSI, chemicals, or simply water we will be able to find the correct material and size needed.

We offer the following standard rubber materials in a range of durometer (Shore A) hardnesses to satisfy practically any service condition:



General Properties


Common Applications



70 Durometer Black


Good resistance to petroleum hydrocarbons and fuels.
Widely used with most oils, hydraulic fluids, alcohol.
Many compound variations for specific applications.
Basic temperature range:  -40 F to +250 F*


Petroleum oil seals
Hydraulic fluid seals
Water / Greases
Transmission fluid seals



75 Durometer

. Color Color

Excellent high temperature and chemical resistance.
Excellent mechanical and physical properties.
Low compression set set and low gas permeability.
Basic temperature range:  -20 F to +400 F*


Vacuum seals
Acids / Fuels
High heat
Chemicals / Solvents



70 Durometer


Broad temperature range.  Odorless / non-toxic.
Resistance to sun and ozone.  Fungus resistanct.
Poor tear and abrasion strength.  Poor resistance to oils.
Basic temperature range:  -80 F to +400 F*


Dry heat
Alcohol / Oxygen
Electrical / Medical
Low temperature


(Ethylene Propylene)
70 Durometer Black


Resistance to sunlight, weathering and ozone.
Poor resistance to petroleum oils and fuel.
Good heat and compression set resistance.
Basic temperature range:  -65 F to +250 F*


Steam / Hot water
Hydraulic / Skydrol
Auto brake systems
Alcohol / Greases


70 Durometer Black


Good resistance to petroleum oils.
Low compression set and good tear and abrasion strength.
Good resistance to weathering, sunlight and ozone.
Basic temperature range:  -40 F to +225 F*


Refrigeration seals
Freon / Air conditioning
Motor mounts
Engine coolants




Wide range of fluid and chemical resistance.
Large temperature range.
A mix of Fluorocarbon (Viton) and Silicone.
Basic temperature range:  -80 F to +350 F*

. Color

Aircraft fuel systems
Jet fuel / Gasoline
Petroleum oils
Synthetic jet oil




High temperature and chemical resistance.
Low compression set.
Various compounds for specific applications.
Basic temperature range: compounds up to +600 F*


CDP# 4079 Chemicals
+600 F
CPD# 1050LF Steam
+550 F Water





Excellent temperature range.
Various chemical and fuel resistance.
Low coefficient of friction.  Non-elastic.
Basic temperature range:  -250 F to +450 F*


High / Low temperatures
Chemicals / Fuels
PTFE Encapsulation
PTFE coating







Excellent resistance to petroleum products,
steam, phosphate esters, amines and brake
fluids. Broad range media resistance similar to EPDM
and Viton®. Elastomeric form makes it low in gas permeability
Basic temperature range: -20 F to +400 F*


O-rings for various fluids seals.
Not readily available in other seal forms.
Petroleum fluids and steam, amines,
brake fluids or phosphate esters.




Highly resistant to oil swell, ozone, oxidation and abrasion.
Highly resilient and having a high tensile strength and
elongation properties. An excellent choice for hydraulic
seals using petroleum based oils.
Basic temperature range: -65 F to +200 F*



Hydraulic seals in oil, such as u-cups,
o-rings, wipers.
*Some Polyurethanes are now available
for water and water based fluids at
temperatures to 220 F*.
Petroleum based oils.


Highly Saturated



Excellent abrasion resistance, compression set, tensile
and tear properties. A step above standard Nitriles in that
it exhibits resistance to ozone, sunlight and other
atmospheric conditions. Vastly improved resistants to
heat aging.
Basic temprature range: -40 F to +300 F*
(Short periods up to +300 F*)


O-rings for various petroleum fluids.
Available in other forms for hydraulic seals
such as u-cups, vee packings, wipers and
back-up rings and special sealing rings.
Petrloeum fluids. Water. Silicone fluids.
Ehylene glycol. Amines.